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Open Call 2 for Social Innovators Events

– Prepare yourself for social impact!

Apply until 06 Feb 2024, 18h CET (learn more)

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Register to learn more about our sustainable Missions per 3 different value chains (food, water & nutrients, textiles, plastics & packaging) and get more info on how to shape the best social innovation solutions for our Mission-based industrial challenges.

Targeted Countries: Netherlands, Northern France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland
Lead by: Impact Hub Amsterdam

Mission Statement:

Leverage digitisation and data by connecting actors in the textile value chain in the EU to empower decision-making towards a higher R circular economy by increasing transparency and traceability.

Selected Challenges:

Developing data-driven approaches to enable circular product strategies

Targeted Countries: Portugal, Spain, Southern France
Lead by: Impact Hub Lisbon

Mission Statement:

Support Iberian farmers, producers, and consumers in a 3R agricultural revolution (one that is regional, regenerative, and resource-efficient) through platforms, tools, financial incentives, education, and transparent information.

Selected Challenges:

Developing a tool that contributes to the sustainability analysis of the urban food systems via food streams monitoring.

Developing a tool to help upcycle geographically distributed food surplus

Targeted Countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta
Lead by: Impact Hub Milano and Impact Hub Firenze

Mission Statement:

1. Enable greater transparency, traceability and verifiability of product-level data and incentivise reduced production impacts by improving mechanisms for data collection, verification and sharing.

2. Develop new digital solutions, production technologies and services to drive circularity throughout the whole lifecycle of products, whilst encouraging greater collaboration across the value chain, and increasing awareness of consumers of the impacts of their clothing.

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Developing sustainable finishing processes for high-performing fabrics and/ or analytical techniques to enable fabric traceability.

Developing a verification tool for environmentally friendly claims made by textile suppliers.

Enabling the footwear industry to increase the use of sustainable materials and processes via an innovative digital tool.

Developing a solution for the collection of textiles suppliers’ information and the assessment of the sustainability-related supplier risk.

Retaining product performance and longevity in the move towards less complex, biobased, and biodegradable materials.

Increasing the access to and affordability of circular services and reverse logistics.

Targeted Countries: Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia
Lead by: Impact Hub Istanbul

Mission Statement:

Leverage digitalization, data-centric approaches, biotech, and other solutions to increase the transparency and traceability of the agri-food value chain, reduce food waste, and radically reduce impacts stemming from meat and dairy production.

Selected Challenges:

Developing a solution to facilitate better understanding of crop-based carbon emissions.

Designing and encouraging the adoption of novel meat free alternatives.

Targeted Countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
Lead by: Impact Hub Budapest

Mission Statement:

Build more resilient regional food systems by improving farmers’ access to resources and fostering closer connections between farmers and consumers to reduce the distance between production and consumption, to facilitate the production of quality food, and to inspire more sustainable localised consumption and production.

Selected Challenges:

Developing an online measurement tool/ quality assurance system to help rate/compare online food marketplaces, tools, and applications.

Developing tools to improve and increase farmers online visibility to potential customers.

Developing a solution that supports the pre-ordering and sale of seasonal products in close surroundings.

Targeted Countries: Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia, Ukraine
Lead by: Impact Hub Bucharest

Mission Statement:

Foster closer collaboration between farmers, distributors, and retailers throughout the regional food value chain, and increase their capacity to leverage R&D, sustainable technologies and production methods, and circular strategies to help them become more resilient, in the move towards a regenerative, circular food value chain.

Selected Challenges:

Producing a solution for the organic waste valorization.

Building digitized and scalable midstream infrastructure for small-chain fresh food supply

Join Open Call 2 Info Sessions

These online events, addressed to tech-savvy innovators interested in applying to the programme, will provide detailed information about the call and will be useful to solve questions and help you to submit a better proposal.
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