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Open Call 2 for Social Innovators

Apply until 12 February 2024, 18h CET Closed!

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Aiming for social impact and systemic change across industry? EU-funded project SoTecIn Factory launched the second Open Call for Social Innovators and their EUR 3.3M programme to support mission-driven, social innovation ventures (individuals or organisations) in food, water & nutrients, textiles and plastics & packaging value chains in transforming industry into low-carbon via their tech-driven solutions based on higher R circular economy strategies.
–  Up to 15,000 EUR provided to 25 European social innovators for their ideas as solutions to circular challenges aligned with a particular project Mission (proposed by the applicant or targeting one of the industrial challenges previously selected by the project).
Engagement in pre-market technological demonstration with up to 85,000 EUR of additional funding for 15 innovators from Phase 1.
Additional capacity-building and circular business support in training, mentoring, and peer-to-peer engagement and pilot development, as detailed down below.

The benefits for your sustainable solution

Up to equity-free 100,000 EUR (15K+85K) 
Pre-market technological demonstration 
Expert guidance for the deployment of solutions in the market, including plan and design, implementation/experiment and monitoring of demos.
Capacity-building & circular business support
Phase 1: one-to-all sessions (workshops) and one-to-one mentoring sessions on solution validation, business models, social entrepreneurship, systemic venture building and steward ownership governance.
Phase 2: one-to-all sessions (workshops) and one-to-one mentoring sessions on funding and investment strategy, pitching, IPR support.

Programme 1 timeline

Who can apply

Social Innovators complying with following criteria:

Individuals as part of a legal entity 
Single organisations 
Consortium (Individual/Single organisation + Challenge (owner) that is not listed in Annex B) are eligible for this call.
Entities legally established/resident in the European Union or Horizon Europe Associated Countries (see the list here).

Target Value Chains

How to apply - Present us your challenge

 Are you ready for a real-life industry quest? You can tackle at least one out of 23 previously selected challenges, based on sustainable regional Missions for each target value chain.


Detailed description of each challenge can also be found in the button above or in Annex 1 – Open Call Guidelines.
You have a particular social innovation solution, but it does not quite fit a specific industrial challenge defined in SoTecIn Factory? 


Propose a challenge to address aligned with one of our sustainable Missions across 7 economic regions as general circular objectives.


NOTE: Feel free to pick any Mission in your target value chain, regardless of your location!
Do you know an organisation (public or private) which is facing a challenge in tune with one of our Missions? 


Apply as a consortium and propose a joint solution for their challenge that follows a specific market need.


NOTE: The grant is 100% dedicated to the tech-savvy innovator to develop and deploy its demonstrator.

Have your challenge ready? Submit your application

  • Access the F6S platform and fill in the corresponding online application form.
  • Upload your proposal, as part of the application (submitted only in the SoTecIn Factory proposal template!
  • Demonstrate to external evaluators your solution based on higher “R” circular strategies ((ie. Refuse,  Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair,  Refurbish and Remanufacture techniques) according to evaluation criteria listed in the Annex 1: Guidelines for Applicants.

Links to relevant documents

Annex 1 – Guideline for Applicants (click here)
Annex 2 – Proposal Template (click here)


For consultation only!
Annex 3 – Online Application Form (click here)
Annex 4 – Declaration of Honour (click here)
Annex 5 – SME Declaration (click here)
Annex 6 – Sub-Grant Agreement Template (click here)

Need more help?

Join SoTecIn Factory Open Call Info Webinars


These online events, addressed to tech-savvy innovators interested in applying to the programme, will provide detailed information about the call and will be useful to solve questions and help you to submit a better proposal.   


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