Open Calls

SoTecIn Factory has a 3.3 Million EUR fund available to support tech-social innovations.

In 2023, the project will launch its first round of Open Call for social innovators. The Open calls will award 50 European tech-savvy researchers, SMEs and startups with 15,000 EUR for their ideas. From this group, 30 innovators will engage in a pre-market technological demonstration with additional 85,000 EUR funding support.

Besides the equity-free funding up to 100,000 EUR, the innovators will benefit from:

  • Direct support and guidance from a pool of mentors in the field for the deployment of their solutions.
  • Access to specialized and qualified resources within various disciplines and technologies.
  • The chance to solve concrete challenges and collaborate closely with industry partners, creating real impact in terms of resilience and sustainability.
  • Participation in the design of new business models and in visibility actions that will foster the wide industry and market uptake of more resilient and inclusive tech-social innovations.

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