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Mission Councils (first version)

  /  Mission Councils (first version)

Get to know SoTecIn Factory Mission Councils, multi-stakeholder groups of selected experts set up for each of the project’s 7 Missions in 7 project’s regions with the focus on furthering the circular Mission related to the determined value chain and preventing any potential mission-drift throughout the duration of the project.



Take a look at members of our “Mission Guardians” which take part in overseeing and stewarding the progression of the Challenges by the Challenge owners and Solutions by Social Innovators.

Gabriel Tual
Michael Karner
Manuel Vilhena
João Amaral
Tiago Filipe Marques
Domenico Dentoni
Michal Kowalkowski
Darina Štyriaková
Tamás Müller
Mayri Tiido
Liza Degtyareva
Diana Plamada
Diana Dobrin
Valentin Maior
Yioula Melanthiou
Rodica Mihaela Frincu
Simge Kayapınar
Ani Baboomian
Zeynep Cansu Öner
Tuğçe Ergün Cireli
Anieke Wierenga
Lis Suarez-Visbal
Niki de Schryver
Nienke Steen
Troy Nachtigall
Nishant Parekh
Annamaria Tartaglia
Ana Raguž
Anna Buchi
Paola De Bernardi
Alice Casiraghi
Alessandro Mambelli
Doris Clemenz
Marcin Morawski
Kamilė Vaitkutė
Alexa Böckel
Michaela Feiglová
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