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SoTecIn Factory selects its first Missions for Sustainable Industry Transformation

SoTecIn Factory is excited to announce the selection of the first 6 Missions for its sustainable industry transformation!

Through a set of workshops, SoTecIn Factory and its Regional Hubs have supported it’s 7 Regional Communities in formulating at least 7 key value chain-based missions (at least one mission per each region and its selected value chain).

See the list of the first 6 Missions down below:


Food, water & Nutrients


South-West (Portugal, Spain, Southern France) 

Led by Impact Hub Lisbon

Support Iberian farmers, producers, and consumers in a 3R agricultural revolution (one that is regional, regenerative, and resource-efficient) through platforms, tools, financial incentives, education, and transparent information.

North-East (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia)

Led by Impact Hub Budapest

Build more resilient regional food systems by improving farmers’ access to resources and fostering closer connections between farmers and consumers to reduce the distance between production and consumption, to facilitate the production of quality food, and to inspire more sustainable localised consumption and production.



North-West (Netherlands, Northern France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland)

Lead by Impact Hub Amsterdam

Leverage digitisation and data by connecting actors in the textile value chain in the EU to empower decision-making towards higher R circular economy by increasing transparency and traceability.

Centre-South (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta)

Lead by Impact Hub Milano and Impact Hub Firenze

1. Enable greater transparency, traceability and verifiability of product-level data and incentivise reduced production impacts by improving mechanisms for data collection, verification and sharing.

2. Develop new digital solutions, production technologies and services to drive circularity throughout the whole lifecycle of products, whilst encouraging greater collaboration across the value chain, and increasing awareness of consumers of the impacts of their clothing.


Packaging & Plastics

Centre-North (Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Finland)

Lead by Impact Hub Hamburg

Leverage circular design, enabling technologies, and knowledge sharing to reduce and replace single-use plastics and to maximise the potential of packaging solutions that close material loops, while enabling the main value chain actor across to adopt them by 2030.


Once formulated, the missions will serve as the basis of the Open Call for Challenge Owners designed to help industry leaders (private organization, public entity, or a non-profit) to identify and subsequently provide mission-based sustainability challenges relevant for their organisation.  50 tech-savvy researchers, SMEs and startups will then be able to offer their innovative circular solutions for selected real-life challenges via two SoTecIn Factory Open Calls for social innovators in 2023 and 2024.

The Open Call for Challenge Owners will be presented at the initial kick-off workshop on 22 Feb 2023, 10 – 11:30am CET via MS Teams.


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