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Social Innovators

Get to know SoTecIn Factory Social Innovators and their tech-driven solutions, based on higher R circular economy strategies and aiming to transform the industry into low-carbon in food, water & nutrients, textiles and plastics & packaging value chains.

These mission-driven, social innovation ventures (50 in total) are supported through project’s EUR 3.3M funding & support programmes (2 in total), each awarding 25 innovators with up to 15,000 EUR in Phase 1. From this group, 15 innovators will engage in a pre-market technological demonstration with up to 85,000 EUR additional funding in Phase 2.  Besides equity-free funding, the beneficiaries have  access to capacity building and business support through multiple resources and to the consortium’s in-depth expertise on circular business models, systemic change, social entrepreneurship, funding strategies and industrial value chains.

The selected solutions are tackling circular challenges (proposed by the applicant or targeting one of the industrial challenges previously selected by the project), based on at least one of the following project’s sustainable industry Missions as regional circular objectives:

PhaseGrowth web test

SAPON enables the sale of seasonal agricultural products through demand forecasting & web-based pre-order platform.

Agrolinera website test

Cabrales Project – Cheese whey collection process digitalization to enable its progressive valorization through protein recovery.

The Cricket Framing Co website test

Using crickets to bioconvert food surplus, into food ingredients.

CCG.AI web test 2

Value Chain Generator® by – AI platform that turns organic residuals of one industry into valuable resources for another.

Kybernos website test

Food Hinterland Lisbon – DGA-compliant data intermediation service provider for food supply chains.

FORCERA web test 2

Digital platform offering easily understandable insights into environmental sustainability, tailored for the food catering industry.

REBREAD web test

Creating a local marketplace to connect suppliers with customers & manage the market circulation of unsold surplus bread.

The Royal Rawness web test

Designed with coffee & local food in mind, digital solution to optimize sourcing, reduce waste & ensure supply chain ethical practices.

LG website test

Sustainable recycling system for food waste which is converted into nutrient-rich worm humus, that is essential for soil health.

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